161104CeGo students photocatalysis ENThe goal of the master program in Chemical and Materials Engineering is to provide the students with the technical and less-technical knowledge necessary to develop new products and materials, as well as to design, optimise and control chemical-engineering processes.


As a student enrolled in this program, you will acquire during the first year the fundamental skills of chemical engineering, related in particular to unit operations, reaction engineering, industrial chemistry and process simulation. In the field of Materials Sciences you will learn the fundamentals of macromolecular chemistry, inorganic materials and polymerisation processes. You will have also the opportunity to practically apply those theoretical skills in the context of a so-called integrated project.


The main part of the second year of master is devoted to the master thesis work. This is completed by a four-week industrial internship. You will also have the occasion to specialize in topics of your choosing related to sustainable development, energy and environment, biotechnology, fine chemistry, as well as materials science and materials production.


All throughout the program, the teaching is organized in small groups of students, for the purpose maximizing the interactions with the teaching staff, and encouraging personal development.


See the details of the curriculum on the general webpage of the School of Engineering.

Contact(s) : Dominique Toye