The staff of the department contributes regularly, within their fields of expertise, to training programs aimed at industries as well as to secondary school teachers. The topics covered by these trainings include life cycle assessment, sustainable chemistry, process intensification, the drying of materials, X-ray tomography, nanomaterials characterization, etc. These trainings are generally organized jointly with other universities or specialized centers.


We invite you to check the trainings proposed by the following centers, to which we regularly take part. Specialized training can also be organized upon request, in collaboration with the Interface Entreprises-Université.

  • Greenskills : Renewable matter and energy, sustainable and green chemistry, sustainable buildings
  • GreenWin : Chemistry, building, environment
  • Technifutur : Energy and environment, surfaces and materials, microtechnologies, industrial techniques
  • Force ULg : Lifelong-learning center of the Université de Liège notably with trainings aimed at school teachers
  • SAPII : Lifelong-learning intensive workshop for the successful application of process integration in the industry, organized in the framework of an EIT Raw Materials project
  • IFC : Course on sustainable chemistry



Contact(s) : Angélique Léonard