Improve-Stem Project

In order to make visible the different achievements of the Improve Stem project, a new website dedicated to the project is now online.


he aim of the project Improve-Stem is to develop an integrated set of tools required for mesenchymal stem cell amplification (MSC) to promote their application in clinical cell therapy. Those tools will be based on the development of microcarriers with optimised surface design allowing the control of cell adhesion alongside to the design of an adapted bioreactor with operating conditions adjusted for stem cell culture on microcarriers. Cell behavior will be monitored to ensure quality, homogeneity and purety of the cells.

This project involves many universities of the Greater Region (University of Liège, Université de Lorraine, University of Kaiserslautern) as well as research centers (LIST, INM, CNRS). This multidisciplinary consortium brings together advanced skills in materials science, bioprocess engineering and cell biology.

This 3,5-year project will run from January 2017 to June 2020. The project is supported by INTERREG VA Greater Region initiative.

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