Studying with us is also the occasion to open to the world. Our students, both at the master and PhD levels, are strongly encouraged to pursue part of their curriculum in universities abroad, with which we have teaching or research agreements.

About 30% of our Master’s students study abroad during their second year, mostly in Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and France. Most of these stays are financially supported by ERASMUS fellowships.  Our students can also apply for other types of funding directly from the university. Double-degree programs in 5 or 6 years are also available to students of the masters in chemical engineering and materials science : in particular, a 5-year double-diploma agreement exists with the University of Genoa in Italy.

If you are one of our master student and you want to study abroad, or if you are regularly enrolled in a university abroad and you wish to study with us :

Contact :

Stéphanie LAMBERT

At the international level....

  • EURECHA  : Software for teaching and methods of computer aided teaching exchanged between universities in Europe

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