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We frequently offer new jobs to students, Ph.D. students and post-docs. This is typically linked to a research project being granted or to an industrial cooperation for student-thesis work. Please find the links to the corresponding advertisement in the lists below.

Open Position


PhD offer  (ref. Be-Hyfe/PEMFC/NJ) : Optimized carbon supports for PEMFC electrodes - 30 September 2021

Phd thesis offer  (ref. Uliège-KUL PhD BE-HyFE/GL) : Experimental study of catalysts and process designs for chemical synthesis using H2 and CO2 - Application deadline : 30 September 2021


Closed Offers

Research Engineer for CRIG  : MOUV Project (Win2Wal) - Application deadline : 15 June 2021

PhD thesis offer (ref. Hamon/GL) : Direct CO2 capture leveraging existing gas treatment infrastructures  - Application deadline : 18 April 2021

Job Offer (Electrodes) : Développement de procédés de fabrication d'électrodes de batteries par procédé vert en vue de la création d'une spin-off - Application deadline : 15 February 2021

PhD offer (Carbonatation)   : CO2 capture and storage via carbonatation of mineral wastes (Greenwin) - application deadline : 31 January 2021

PhD offer   (MSC) : Research Engineer (4 years) financed by FNRS - application deadline : 25 January 2021

Research Engineer  : Engineer with expertise in computational fluid dynamics

PhD offer  : Research Engineer (IMPROVE STEM) for 6 months

PhD offer  : Li-ion battery optimization & monitoring - Deadline : 15 June 2020

PhD offer  (FNRS) : Application deadline 31 May 2020

PhD offer/Assistant teaching  : Application deadline 31 May 2020

PhD offer : PROCURA - Application Deadline : 31 March 2020

Research Logistician : permanent scientific position to supervise its equipment platform dedicated to the multi-scale characterization of porous systems - (deadline : 31/08/2019)

PhD Offer  (thesis within Prayon) : Utilisation de modèles hybrides entre statistiques - data science et issus du génie des procédés (deadline 31/07/19)

PhD offer : physics of supercapacitors or photocatalytic cracking of water 

PhD offer : Pulsatec en

PhD offer : CO2 re-use 

External funding options

For discussing further details and procedures, please contact that senior researcher in our department, which best fits your expertise or area of interest.

General information on PhD positions at the University of Liège is available here.

Current Open Topics for Student Theses

Sorry, currently we don't have open topics available.

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