Some examples of current joint research projects in cooperation with a variety of partners from industry and academia are:

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  • AlgaeFactory - Usinalgue :  Mass culture of microalgue in photobioreactor : Production of metabolites of interest
  • AlgaeFactory - Valoalgue  : Mass culture of microalgae and their valorization for the production of molecules of interest
  • ATISOL C2C : Vapour and air barrier membrane – insulating system according to cradle-to-cradle for new buildings and renovation by the inside of existing buildings (GREENWIN) 
  • BIODEC : Sustainable bioactive surfaces for environmental decontamination
  • BioDrugHybrid : Development and Characterization of Inorganic–Polymer Composites for the Delivery of Biopharmaceutical Drugs
  • BACZEREAU  : Development of an innovative low energy disinfection process for natural bathing areas
  • BlueV : Nouvelle génération d’outils de désinfection et de décontamination basse énergie par oxydation avancée
  • CO2 FUTURE : Technological platform dedicated to CO2
  • ECOLISER  : Development of eco-binders for soil treatment, waterproofing and roads (ERDF funds)  
  • FRITCO2T : Technological platform dedicated to CO2
  • GSK  : From 2010, list of current projects and previous projects
  • HYBRID MODELS: Application of machine learning techniques to process and laboratory data to improve the operational performance of phosphate plants
  • icFlow : Integrated Continuous Flow Photoreactors
  • IMPROVE STEM : Development of new biomaterials for proliferation and in vitro expansion of stem cells
  • INTENSE4CHEM - Flow4Solids : Intensification du procédé de synthèse de Zéolite Beta en réacteur continu innovant
  • LCA of ECOSE : Biobased binder developed by Knauf Insulation 
  • MOUV  (Win2Wal) : UV sensor for continuous MOnitoring of organic pollutants in water
  • Phos4You : PHOSphorus recovery from waste water FOR YOUr Life
  • PROCURA: Power to X and Carbon Capture & Utilization Roadmap for Belgium
  • PULSATEC : Methodology for techno-economical and environmental assessment of innovative technologies : Case of a functionalized coating using pulsed plasma (HiPIMS) technology
  • VALDEM : Integrated solutions for Construction and Demolition Waste (C&DW) recycling : A cross-border approach to a circular economy (INTERREG V France, Wallonie, Vlaanderen)


  • AOPTi  : Assessment of Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation process for Micropollutant Elimination in Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Brain-Trains : TRansversal Assessment of Intermodal New Strategies  (BELSPO)
  • CO2GREEN : Synthesis of new bio- and CO2-sourced polymers for the production of insulating materials obtained by CO2 foaming
  • ENSO : Energy for Smart Objects
  • ERICAA : Saving Energy and Resources by Innovative CFD-based Design of Liquid-Liquid Gravity Settlers
  • GSK  : From 2010, list of current projects and previous projects
  • LCA of the electricity production in Belgium (Wallonia - DGO4 contract n°1450333AIE-IETS ECEB)
  • MOPI: Monitoring of pollutants in groundwater
  • Optimisation de bioréacteurs : Intensification of Zeolite Beta synthesis process in an innovative continuous reactor
  • PING: Innovative treatment for table tennis rackets
  • ReNEW: REsource innovation Network for European Waste (Interreg NWE)
  • SAPII   : Lifelong learning project about the successful application of process integration in the industry

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