In cooperations, we offer services for partners utilizing our experimental facilities. We have a wide variety of analytical and preparative tools available typically found in chemical engineering institutions.


Some exceptional pieces of equipment are:

  • Dedicated single-drop measuring cells as basis for extraction-column design to characterize sedimentation, mass transfer, and coalescence
  • Standardized settling cells to characterize drop size and coalescence behavior of liquid-liquid dispersions in lab-scale experiments with original material systems, which is information required for quantitative design of gravity settlers
  • An array of equipment for the characterization of porous materials (nitrogen adsorption, mercury porosimetry, x-ray tomography) covering the complete range of scales from the nanometer to the millimeter.
  • Devices to characterize porosity: N2 adsorption-desorption, Hg porosimetry, He pycnometry
  • Thermal treatment analysis: TG-DSC, TPD/R/O
  • High T kilns (® 1800°C)
  • Coaters for thin films: dip, spin, spray, bar
  • Profilometer: thickness and rugosity of thin films
  • Reactors for photocatalysis

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