Schnapps Project

161104 cego schnapps party enThe Schnapps Project is an integrated project in which chemical-engineering knowledge from different lectures is applied and soft-skills are practiced by producing wine from a selected fruit and then distilling it.

The project is realized as teamwork, applies project and budget planning, and the communication is organized via weekly presentations of each team.

On this webpage, the links to the documentation of the integrated project are collected, which are realized as a website.


Apple Schnapps 2016

Pear Schnapps 2017

Apple Schnapps 2018

Pear Schnapps 2019

Apple Schnapps fall 2019

Apple Schnapps 2020

Pear Schnapps 2021

Apple Schnapps 2022

Apple&Pear Schnapps 2023


Contact: Andreas Pfennig

updated on 12/12/23

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