Integrated Project M1

Each year, our Master 1 students dedicated 10 ECTS (one sixth of their year) to an integrated project describing an industrial process that they analyse, model and optimise. This project has two objectives:

1. To complete their technical training by integrating the subjects seen in the traditional courses (design of reactor and separation equipment, catalysis, thermodynamic modelling, energy integration and optimisation, bibliographical research, cost analysis, life cycle concepts, etc.);
2. Strengthen their non-technical skills by working in large groups (10 students), project management and effective communication of results.

As a culmination of the year, the results of the projects are summarised in a scientific paper and presented to the Chemical Engineering Department and a panel of industrial experts.

2022-2023 :

Treatment of pyrolysis oil in the context of plastics recycling 

2021-2022 :

2020-2021 :

2019-2020 :
Congratulations to the students for their hard work and thank you to everyone who contributed to this project, especially to the PSGO for its support of the students!
updated on 7/11/23

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