mceclip1 - 2022-07-25 15h20m36sCARPOR is the platform dedicated to the multi-scale characterization of porous media, born from the expertise and the equipment of the Chemical Engineering Research Unit of the University of Liège.

CARPOR is based on strong multidisciplinary competences as well as cutting-edge equipment, allowing for taking part in research projects with researchers and/or industrials by providing valuable services in the study, analysis and characterization of materials (texture, density, structure…) thanks to a panel of complementary characterization techniques.

CARPOR focuses its services and expertise on up-to-date equipment such as porosimetries, pycnometries, microtomographies, thermogravimetry and dynamic vapor sorption, allowing for the multi-scale characterization of the properties of materials. These cutting-edge techniques and equipment allow for the characterization of porosities ranging from the nanometer to the millimeter size, the evaluation of thermophysical properties and humidity behavior, as well as the 3D visualization of materials.

The complementarity of the techniques and equipment, supported by a team of scientists with multiple competences within the Chemical Engineering Research Unit, allows CARPOR to guarantee pertinent, correct and reliable results, for both academic and industrial research projects.

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Multi-scale Characterization of Porous Media

Université de Liège | Chemical Engineering

Alexandre LEONARD

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